The Junction NOT split by Keele St at Dundas St West

junction NOT split by Keele st

junction NOT split by Keele st

As the city developed Keele St. became a major north south arterial road and with the opening  in 1982 of the Northwest Arterial Road now called Black Creek Drive, the intersection of Keele St at Dundas St West became a busy and congested place. It is the major intersection in the Junction, and at the same time one that many of  its users are simply passing though especially on the Keele ST N/S travel route.

At the present many people feel the street provides a flow hitch along Dundas St west in the normal course of pedestrian traffic west and east on Dundas St.

Many times as this author crosses anyway at the intersection – it causes wonder as to how the situation could be improved, simply because the entire feel of Dundas st changes on either side of |Keele St with vehicle activity levels and the discordant displeasure caused.

Walking at Mavety Ave of the west and Indian Grove on the east and the turmoil of the Keele St and Dundas St  N/S traffic is lost.

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As a pedestrian crossing that godawful intersection every day, I find it demoralizing and downright dangerous. What kind of city planning would send all that traffic through here?
The Bank of Montreal seemed to have made a weak attempt to beautify their parking lot, planted some cedars in the planters, never watered or took care of them, and then cemented them over.
I never thought I'd be grateful for pigeons. Watching the flock wheeling and circling the sky over the intersection is the only glimmer of beauty left at Dundas and Keele.
Although we should probably be watching out for vehicles, even on the sidewalk…

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