Upper Junction park as a name up for consideration at city council tomorrow

11-01-2010 12-02-45 PM
Orange arrows point to histroical STOCKYARDS activity in the area

You can start grieving the lost of some Junction cultural history right now as the blog predicts the council accepts the simply wrong name for this park.
Long live The Stockyards District
Staff action report City document august 7th 2009

upperunction park


History or not, I live in that development, and I don't want to live next to "Stockyards Park". Everything changes, and change isn't a bad thing.

This isn't even on land from the Stock Yards District. The currently generically named "Maple Clair Park" which is on former Canada Packers land adjacent to a slaughterhouse would be the place to evoke the history. We should be glad that the connection to West Toronto isn't being forgotten.

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