Oh…. to be the people of Roncesvalles Village

Rip up….Bang …Boom …Dig…. drop…Pave and Rip up….Bang …Boom …Dig…. drop… again is the action of the day and every day  … all along Roncesvalles how lucky they are,

and can the Junction get some.

At the end of all this work they will have the most welcoming , and walkable street scape of all the west Toronto local communities

  1. better for businesses and their sales
  2. better for strolling loving couples and the truly committed for eons of time (you can always tell can you not?)
  3. better for open public activity
  4. better for local BIA events

Way to go people.

Oh here is  the guide to shopping in the village now [link]



Theirry, your enthuisiasm is appreciated but the pile driving is only stalled momentarily thanks to the action of a community group. In fact, there is a meeting at Cheri Di Novo's office tonight hosted by a major law firm who might represent those affected in a class action.

Hopefully that woman who's house is now structurally unsound can get compensation. But for some affected like her, the headache will continue long after the project is complete.

I think the new streetscape is going to a good addition to the area but I think they stopped short of something great and unique to Toronto to save a few parking spaces.

They should have added additional bump outs to accommodate more public space for benches, cafes and restaurants on the street. But the 20 or so parking spaces required in making this happen was too great a sacrifice for a vocal minority which lead to this project never meeting its full potential.

Will the Junction ever see this happen? I would say no, it requires the loss of the 2 lane clearways during rush-hour.

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