Toronto West Diamond grade separation enters onto changing industrial streets

DSC00449DSC00450Monarch Road and Old Weston Road

Monarch Road at Junction Rd as it is now, ripped up and fading from view the roadpath of Weston Rd to the road had been closed for years yet the sidewalk was there so you legally walk along it to the Monarch Rd.  Now with the sidewalk ripped up and the pile driving crew  working right up to side of old flour mill offices the change is permanent and drastic.


Before the construction started I used to take my dogs for a romp on the green space that the pumping station sits upon just beyond Monarch Road, despite the "No Trespassing" signs, and used that little bit of sidewalk to get there. It was a bit surreal. A large patch of green space with trees in the midst of the railway tracks.
You'd see rabbits, gophers and a huge variety of birds and the odd trainspotter.
I'm wondering what it will look like post-grade separation.

So am I wondering what will happen when the area is finished.

interesting facts about that part of Monarch Rd, The DOMINION CORRUGATED PAPER company was at the end of the road up into the early 90's the Canadian design firm Umbra design 1st product was manufactured there – well the CORRUGATED PAPER part, which the two guys took to Midland Ave in Scar. and spray painted design on it.

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