Maple Leaf Foods subsid…Canada Bread has found a new home for it's Junction production

1st thanks to commenter A.F for alerting the blog to this


lines from the article on CB Business (full article here)

Canada Bread picked Hamilton on Wednesday (FEB 17th)  as the site for its massive new bakery. pleased to be growing our presence in Hamilton through this $100-million investment to establish a world-class bakery facility,” said Canada Bread president Richard Lan

The company said the bakery will be built on a 10-hectare property in North Glanbrook Industrial Park. The company and the City of Hamilton are working to complete the permitting process and expect construction to start in June.

The federal government will also provide $2 million towards pre-engineering and design activities to build the new bakery.

It’s sad the Junction loses jobs and industry, although the author of this post understands the opinions of many in the community who dislike the industry, there is the issue of a balanced economy for the Junction, and new plants must meet stringent rules for emissions and noise.


I live within a block of them, and I'm sad to see them go 🙁

The smell of baking breads was far preferable to those that came from the rubber plant across the street from them.

Some of us will miss you, Canada Bread!

If it just becomes an empty field for a decade, a lot of people will miss it. Something needs to happen in that part of the Junction to encourage new development, which is designated as employment lands, though the city's tax structure currently encourages residential, not commercial development.

The tax structure is changing, but the effects probably won't be felt for years.

Good luck trying to deliver bread from Hamiton to Toronto via QEW/403/401 etc. in time for daily shoppers.

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