Junction Residents’ Association Meeting Agenda March 11, 2010 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m

Meeting Agenda

Opening Remarks – Martin Lennoxits-your-junction-with-jra-portal

  • Meet and greet your neighbours
  • Treasurer’s report and approval of the minutes
  • Announcement, News, and Events

  • Function in the Junction
  • Public Forum on Metrolinx expansion
  • Green 13 – Hearth Hour March 27, 8pm

      • March 27, 6:00pm to Midnight

      • Monday March 22, see back for details

    • 244 High Park Ave update

Update on Go Rail Expansion – Keith Brooks

  • Keith from the Clean Train Coalition will update us on the project status and the fight for clean trains.

JRA Culture Committee – Neil and Mary

  • Spring Fling Update

JRA Motions and Updates– Martin Lennox

  • JRA Bylaws

    • Project update and vote

  • Bike Lanes on High Park Avenue

    • Project update and vote

  • Living Playground

    • Project update and vote

  • Vine Parkette Benches,

    • Bench overview and a vote on new locations

Open Forum Announcements

  • Toronto Police Service 11 Division

    • Discussion on how to develop this site

  • This is your opportunity to say what’s on your mind.

Please send any questions to info@ junctionra.ca


To date all of the JRA meetings have been available live online but last night we had some technical difficulties which we couldn't work out before the start of the meeting.

Sorry for the mix up, hopefully we'll be back online for our May meeting.

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