Giraffe development dismissed by Ontario Municipal Board

This development at Bloor St west and Dundas St. West has been rejected by the OMB with the cities will. In this post are image grabs from the decision that provide a good overview of the respective positions of both sides which also give a good idea of how developers view such issues.

They also give some insight into the Crossways development

In the Globe and Mail (thanks blog reader David for this link)

OMB decision download (pdf)







Area property owners complained about parking and traffic issues. Why didn't this work at the old Canadian site? That area is going to be a nightmare. At least the Giraffe building is over a subway stop.

That this project didn't get approved is strange considering it's proximity to the subway, GO station, streetcar lines and two of Toronto's major arterials. If there's any place I'd expect a high-rise development, it would be here.

It's also a shame because it looked like it was going to have great architecture which could have really enhanced that intersection.

Yeah, how can anybody suggest that what's currently there (and what will likely return now that this development has been axed) contributes at all to the street character of the area? I think that the Giraffe looked like a great piece of architecture, and if high density residential does not belong at a significant public transit hub, where should it be?

You have to consider the hight to lot ratio of this site. The building was simply too tall for a small lot which would prevent this building from fitting in no what it looks like.

My understanding is the the local residents supported a building in the 12 storey range.

The area plans are detailed in the Bloor Dundas Avenues study.

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