if permanent benches won't work outside Junction eating places…


Will removable furniture? This furniture outside Pusater’s running along Bay St, is easily moved in and out I would think. Yes this author has a thing about street life.

Ladies and gentlemen, lets have  more Sidewalk dining in the Junction.


Now that is a good idea!!

On the side… yesterday when I was riding the 40 bus I passed that bench at the vietnamese store. There was a scragly looking dude with a red shopping cart full of scrap and a woman with a beard smoking a cig down to the filter. Good times.

I'd like to see this too, although obviously our sidewalks aren't especially wide. What works for Crema or Axis might be less practical for a non-corner property. In nice weather I've spent a few afternoon/evenings on the Shox patio, and while I like it there, the physical process of climbing in and out of the narrow space can be a bit of trick, especially if you're taller than 6 foot (which I am). According to the owner, the Shox patio goes as far out as it legally can, and he received opposition (I don't know from whom) when he wanted to extend it further (Shox is fenced off, of course, so it may not be the best example).

It strikes me that businesses with recessed doorways – particularly those with angled storefronts – would be best suited to keeping a few tables out front. I've sat outside Pascal's a few times, and those chairs seem to be used by a good cross-section of local residents.

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