Handyman Shop 3077 Dundas Street West – Update

Handyman Shop March 19 2010

After only 3 weeks the Handyman Shop building is almost completely framed and what a difference it makes.  So far in my opinion the new building looks great.  The curved corner has been replaced, the size and placement of the windows looks good and even with the additional floor the scale is appropriate for the area.

My thanks to the developers for respecting the area and building what so far looks like a perfect addition to the Junction.  It proves you can teardown a hundred year old building and rebuild it with the same character.

I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks when we see the final finishes and the next few months when new tenants and businesses move in.

Submitted by Martin L. co -chair of the Junction Residents Association


We'll still have to see how the facade is handled, but it looks like a project with good attention to detail that will enhance our historic streetscape.

I've been out of the loop regarding this building. Is this a residential or commercial? Who's the developer?

Would be great to see some pics of work progress. The choice of brick that is going up right now, combined with the windows, looks great!

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