Dogs, are there that many in the Junction area?


Until recently a dry cleaners and laundry This store on the south side of Dundas St West, just east of Quebec Ave, is becoming a doggy daycare.

Are there that many dog sin the Junction?


I would have loved that space to become something 'useful'. People go on and on about how they don't want a Tim Hortons and this sort of thing opens up.

The old candy store location would make a perfect spot for Tim Hortons.

I guess this business is depending on the High Park and Bloor West Village Dog Owners. I was pretty surprised when I saw another Doggie DayCare as well.

It looks like Groom Pet & Sports at Bloor & Kennedy is leaving (building for sale, owners retiring), so there might actually be a market in the west end for a regular pet store. There's a good new pet supply place at Annette & Quebec, but they don't stock tropical fish or small animals. At least, not yet.

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