Why didn't Max's market come to the Junction

Why didn’t Max’s market come to the Junction?

Would they have come if the old Mc brides building was available?

Was the new retail space in the Village by the Park not suitable?

What was wrong with the old Shopper drug site (now a private community family centre)

Max’s Market is a gourmet grocer in Bloor West Village. They sell a wide selection of specialty products, cheeses and prepared foods.

The Bloor West Village foodery is opening a new store at 871 Islington Avenue, is an rather odd location to get too. You cannot even access the store from Islington Avenue, but have to access the store via  Queen Elizabeth Boulevard.


Perhaps the rumoured cheese shop that is to be opened will have some elements from Max's. The people that own Delight Chocolates are apparently opening the shop in the near future.

I would really prefer to see a more basic fruit and vegetable store here, like they have in Bloor West Village. I've never been impressed with No Frills selection, nor with the Sweet Potato's prices, although I shop at both. Let's get the basics properly covered before we get the "foodie" stores, please.

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