Do we need this type of restaurant in the Junction?

There is always a lot of interest of the retail mix on the Junction strip.  In terms of food establishments, does the Junction need service, character and design consideration to establish the right elements for a good eating establishment?

To illustrate this point this author offers the example of Woodys Burgers  om Lakeshore Blvd in Longbranch., This restaurant has a clean, well designed interior, a welcoming exterior, and a wonderful view of the food on offer.

They also have a assortment of sides to have with your burger all clearly viewable under glass.  And place is clean really clean, crisp.

This restaurant inexpensive meal out, or great for take-out. While the meal image  may give the impressions the portions are small, go for dinner, and you won’t be disappointed… they are just right. Try the special side dishes that you can’t find in the usual Junction  places,  and see if you think we need a place with a menu like it has in the Junction.

3795 Lake Shore Boulevard West
Toronto, ON M8W 1R2
(416) 546-2093


Not sure if a Woody's is the answer, but a real burger place in the Junction to either compete with or shutter Jocelyn's would be wonderful. I just can't accept live animals residing in a place that primarily sells food (ala' Joce's). Big restaurant no no.

On 2nd thought, Axis makes a great burger. Just go there! 🙂

P.S. This post seems like an advertisement for Woody's.

Nope, I just felt really great there and though – if we could only have them in the Junction.

I've been thinking Jocelyn's could use a general air clearing so much I never went in.

If I was writing an ad I'd write it for Pusater's in Yorkville – theres your ad

We could always use more clean, well designed establishments of almost any kind which offer quality products and services.

This is The Junction, not some junk 'hood.

on a somewhat related topic – is everyone aware that the Troubadour is closing up in two weeks? got evicted by the new landlords aparently…

I've said it before and I'll say it again (this time with a link) Take a stroll on over to Runnymede and Dundas to Jumbo Burger if you're looking for a little meat between your buns. Best fries on the strip (slightly off) if you ask me!!

Also: The pita place right on the corner, has the best samosa EVER.

I loce your name!!! LOL!! I used to eat at Bronto and even Jocelyns but all one has to do is a search of the Toronto Dinesafe program to sway opinions:

Establishment Inspection Report

Establishment Name Address Type
JOCELYN'S PLACE 2982 DUNDAS ST W TORONTO Food Store (Convenience / Variety)
Minimum inspections per year: 2


Most Recent Inspection Finding

Date Inspected: March 10, 2010

This establishment was inspected by Toronto Public Health in accordance with the Ontario Food Premises Regulation, and passed the inspection.


Inspection History

Date Inspected: March 8, 2010

Finding Infraction
Category Infraction
Details Severity Action Outcome
Date Outcome Amount
Conditional Pass FAILURE TO PROTECT FOOD FROM CONTAMINATION Operator fail to use proper procedure(s) to ensure food safety S Notice to Comply
IMPROPER MAINTENANCE / SANITATION OF NON-FOOD CONTACT SURFACES / EQUIPMENT Operator fail to properly maintain rooms M Notice to Comply
INADEQUATE PEST CONTROL Operator fail to maintain room(s) free of animals S Notice to Comply

Inspection Findings
Infraction Severity
M Minor

Conditional Pass
S Significant

C Crucial

Theirry and I are having our next 'haters club' meeting there. It's a place I've always noticed but never went into so thank you n!

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