Troubadour bar to close up

The Troubadour will be closing up because of the sale of the building, in which the new owner wants to use the building.

Always good music coming out of the place and so many people liked it.


Pat Schnurr from Picture it Framed bought the building, unbeknowst to the Troubadour's owners, and will move her business there. Apparently another bar is opening where Picture it Framed was. The Troubadour owners have lost their entire investment and have been given less than a month to vacate. Very sad.

Really disappointing that this is happening especially as we move into patio season. Good beer, good food, good prices, friendly atmosphere, great music. A real local. Hoping they will find another location on Dundas to open up again as I know many others are. The neighbourhood needs thriving places to keep people in the area when they want to go out. Losing the Troub isn't good for the Junction.

That the owner of the building is on the BIA yet did not discuss the matter with the managers of the bar is shocking. My understanding is that it will become a framing shop. While I have bought frames from the owner of the building in the past (at another location) I will never do so again. Obviously the present owner has not thought through his/her decision. Moving a framing shop into a small shop which has been converted into a successful bar is ridiculous. More serious, however, is the loss of the Troubadour which was a wonderful asset to the neighborhood. What are we left with? A half decent bar whose management believes a bar needs hundreds of screens blaring out TV in case people get bored, or a number of other venues notable for dingy interiors and white trash alcoholics. Thanks ‘owner’, for putting ‘The Junction’ in a new frame. I’m telling everyone I know to boycott your new venue and if you think this will be forgotten you have no idea. Yet another indication, as if we need one, of why property owners on Dundas have little, if any, vision.
It is these types of decisions by the owners of the property in the Junction that have kept the area back for decades and will, if we are not vigilant, turn an area that once had potential into a white trash version of Bloor West Village. That this owner is on the BIA is really the final irony – with help like this does the Junction really need enemies?

ANOTHER framing shop, it seems the owner didn't do any market research, I can't believe that this area needs more frame stores, is there such a demand that that the other 5 couldn't take care of the area's framing needs?

Hey don't hate on Shox and Axis. Axis has done a complete 180 from what it was even 2 years ago. If you go there on a Friday/Saturday night you will find an eclictic group of late 20's to 40's people. I've never seen white trash in there, what I have seen is new management and upgraded food. I like Axis.

Shox is a sports bar and I take it you're not a sports fan. If you were then you would appreciate a bar like that. Whenever my friends and I go there the first thing that happens is the manager/owner comes over and asks what we would like to watch on the tv. Where else can we watch UFC, NHL and MLB all at the same time? Sure maybe the odd drunk is in there but management is quick to deal with them. Hole in the wall is also another good bar with an awesome Karaoke night! Maragret's is bustling with hipsters on the weekend.. what's wrong with that place?

Hate on Concourse and that seedy place across from Hole. But I do agree that it's a shame to lose the Troub.

I agree The Axis isn't a bad place to sit and have a pint or 2, and the TVs aren't in your face so you can ignore them if you want.

Sonny P. has a point, if we want to hate on something let's all hate on The Concourse… It proves that even a polished turd is still a turd.

The "seedy place" is Celts, and it looks like its either gone the way of the dingo or is undergoing some MAJOR renovations

It's indeed a shame to lose my personal favourite Junction spot, but it seems safe to assume something new will show up nearby as the formula was fairly simple. The Troubadour should prove to others that there's a market for this kind of establishment in the Junction.

It's very simple:

Does one landlord consult tenants when their are buying or selling property? No. Houses get bought and sold under these very same circumstances all the time. There is no difference in a commercial property. Troubadours lease was up, building was for sale, someone else bought it, end of story. So what if it was another BIA member. Troubadour was not a property owner but a tenant. Such is life. Troubadour can open up somewhere else if they like.

I, for one, won't be sorry to see Troubadour off the BIA that's for sure. Last thing that BIA needs is another extremely confused hothead like her.

This happens all the time – someone buys a house and the renting tenants have to move out so that the new owner can move in. How is this different from buying a building and moving your business in? It is sad for the Troubadour, but let's hope that they find some usable space nearby and reopen under the same name.

Although one might say that "business is business", I think that what is not really understood here is that one local business owner, in the Junction, (and we all love the Junction for its small town feeling, don't we?) is knowingly putting a NEIGHBOUR out of business. This is not an anonymous developer (such as we have been fighting at 244 High Park) but a NEIGHBOUR. Wow.

As I understand it, the new landlord already has an established business in a fine location and this is all about "lining the pocket". I would have to say that the term "morally bankrupt" comes to mind here. As a parting salvo I will say that I, for one, will never set foot in the business of the new landlord again and I will not, shall I say, be referring anyone there. I will also avoid, like the plague, the new business in the "old" premises.

(name redacted), have a nice day.

I don't know about the "small town feeling". I like the Junction's heritage as an independent city among many things, but today I don't feel any small town feeling. Besides, big cities don't have to be mean and anonymous places where everyone's greedy, contrasting with the small town where everyone's civil. That's just a myth.

I agree totally, Headshake. I also strongly feel that even if she wanted or needed to proceed with the purchase and the deal she was offered on the old space, she could have worked something out where the Troubadour would have time to relocate but still operate through the summer and, ideally, during the festival while they worked at finding new premises etc. To my mind that's a civil, neighbourhood-minded business thing to do or at least make best efforts to work at. Not to make a deal with new people over the existing business people. The Troubadour has always supported local musicians and this effects them as well.

However the Junction is described, it is still a place where I, for one, will spend a few more dollars to shop at local stores instead of the Walmarts, etc. in order to support neighbourhood businesses and benefit "the hood", as this benefits all of us. Most of the people I know who live and/or work here feel the same way. This action is having a negative affect on many people's lives and livelihoods and is still, in my view, unconscionable.

I can understand one's decision to boycott the framing shop relocating to the Troubadour space; this is a conscious protest of that owner's conscious decision. I am, however, left wondering what the owners of the brand new business coming into the Junction have done to warrant such negativity…

It's also important to remember that the owner of the Frame shop has to be thoughtful about her business too, no one has mentioned, anything about her reasons other than that she did this simply to oust the bar.

Could it be that she too needed a smaller store than the one she now has for personal reasons.

One of the other things that has been neglected is the non concern of the current landlord of the bar to extend the lease before selling, not that he was required to do this either.

Also would another purchaser have allowed the bar to stay at a reasonable rent, with an investment to support.

I really hope the bar opens close again, and they get a much longer lease,

Please, spare me the tears about the poor Frame shop. It was a (redacted) move period. I've lived in this neighborhood for 10 years, I make it a point to support local businesses whenever I can. I've given business to Picture It Framed in the past, but I will never do so again and will discourage anyone I know to do the same.

All you frame shop disenablers and troubadour enablers are going to be converted to customers when the new wine bar opens. You know it. So STFU with all the speculation and negativity and really, its a business transaction amongst property owners – so, really, ultimately none of your beeswax.

Hey Circa.
Your comment about me being a "confused hot head" is curious. I request you please be considerate when posting negative comments about people you don't know. If you knew me at all, or the love I have for this neighbourhood and the people in it you would not post such a comment.
If people, clearly such as yourself, wanted me off the BIA all they had to do is ask. Destroying my business and forcing us to close is not the way to go about it. My question to you is have you ever even been to a BIA meeting? Do you own a business in the Junction? If you, for one, are happy to see me go, will you step up and make your voice heard to continue to grow and sustain itself? I hope so, with comments like that.
Further, I have a partner, who had nothing to do withe BIA, who is well loved and respected in this community and has served it well We have our two young children whom we support with our business, they are also incredible people and know nothing of all this. This is affecting my whole family, it goes beyond any BIA matters.
It is no secret how terribly disappointed we are about this turn of events. We have worked very hard at the Troubadour and closing is very difficult and stressful to us, our family, or staff and the people that do love us.
If you have the courage to publicly attack me, then have the courage to follow it through. I would love to meet you and discuss what it is that you so terribly disliked about me. I would hazzard to guess that although you felt the need to make the comment, you will protect yourself with your anonymity.
My email is, or until this Sunday, I assume you know where you can find me.
Yes I will be resigning from the BIA, but I hope that people, like myself, will continue to try to do great things for this great neighbourhood, if only to remind people like you that sometimes, if you're not on somebody's shit list, you're not doing anything worth while.
I am exponentially proud of EVERYTHING the Troubadour has done for this neighbourhood and the people in it. I am proud to say I had the courage to get involved with the comminuty, even if people, such as yourself, didn't always like or UNDERSTAND what I had to say. At least I went out and did it, transparent and determined and I tried, not by making sideways stabs at people, but by having the courage to put myself out there.
What can you say you have done for this neighbourhood CIRCA? I hope you are accomplishing great things as well, instead of shamefully putting down people who tried.
Thank you again, for your comments, I look forward to hearing from you.

Right on sister! People confuse strong personalities for hotheads. Circa won't come forward. You know that.

From reading all of these posts, this is what i gathered. The trub. was renting space in a building. The owner of the building decided to sell the building. The Trub didn't extend their lease. What is the problem? The owner of the building wanted to sell it, so they did. Some one purchased it and is deciding to use it for their own business. End of Story, if your so sad about it closing and are writing such unnecessary comments about the new owners, why didn't you do something about it before hand? Like EXTEND your lease with the former owner of the building? Why put blame on anyone, let alone some one who did a legal business transaction?

The Troubadour needs to spend less time typing and more time searching. Keep your tears in the beers.

World weary pragmatic wisdom from FTS and AGISII – sure why not (redacted) about these business transactions? Us plebs who support local business and shock horror actually get attached to the poor people who try to make a living in this excuse for a neighbourhood- we should STFU! Okay well SORRY FOR BEING 'NEGATIVE' – (W*nkers)
Great a winebar that will probably shut at 10pm and…oh yes it only takes a couple of years to get past all the legal docs and petitions from neighbours…good luck but as you world weary business loving schmucks don't seem to understand – that is a long time during which there will be absolutely nothing happening in the hood except half assed junction style openings that last 6 months and result in yet more empty storefronts. Yeah why not level all those buildings and build more box stores – that is probably the wisest business decision. I'm sure that it could be done legally – hey and I would'nt get negative or blame anyone.

The landlord refused to renew their lease, which was up this month, before selling. That's a fact.

Kenny I am sooo elated that you agree and understand how legal business transactions work and support them ; ). So the owner did not want to renew The Troubs. lease (Fact). Then why aren't people saying anything about the previous owner and how he/she is all to blame due to his/hers decision to do what they wish with their own property. But no, you blame an individual for purchasing it. No one is in a position to make crass and rude and speculative judgements in regards to people's finances and properties. Being the fact that (guess what) owning a propterty or business has expenses and work and a million other things associated with it. Maybe the previous owner couldn't handle it anymore, or wanted to retire, or move to a different country. If so then why didn't the Troub purchase it? Is it because maybe they didn't have enough money to? If that is the case then that is The Troubs personal own financial information, no one is saying anything about that and shouldn't for any of the three parties involved (previous owner, The Troub., New Owner). Bottom line, NO ONE has the right to guess and question the reasons as to why it was sold, or why the person who purchased it chose to do so. We don't know, and truth be told, it is def NOT anyone's business as to why the sale occured. Fact is, that it did. Unfortunately a great bar with an amazing staff and vibe can no longer operate in it's original facilities. But the owner had their reasons for selling it, and personally we should respect that, and the new owner's and hope that The Troub will not only find another location in the junction, but be as great (if not greater) then the original. And it seems that there are more than enough loyal customers and fans that will be more than happy to see it operating and supporting it again.

To "Headshake" — there is no "lining the pocket," everyone has got to make a living. She is moving her shop, don't be so naive. The building owners of the Troubador's tenancy sold it from under them for reasons you may not know about. The frame shop owner probably wants to stay in her neighbourhood but not in such a large space as she is currently occupying. I know her from years ago and she is a kind, though direct, woman who is "morally sound," Headshake, and runs her business fairly and uniformly. She is one of the older businesses in the neighbourhood – the forerunners of all the hipsters and espresso junkies who poo-pooed the 'white trash' and stayed on Queen W until they got bullied out by the young professional crowd of artsy wannabes.

Don't set foot in the frame shop, or anywhere you uninformed little feet find you moving for that matter because 'morally bankrupt' consumers are just as putrid as maligned business owners.

While I am still appreciative that "business is business" this whole thing would, I am sure, have been a lot easier to swallow had the building housing The Troub been bought by a stranger to the neighbourhood. As it is, the building has been bought by a neighbour who was well aware that their actions would cause the loss of the business to Kristie and Al. Why couldn't The Troubs lease have been renewed by the new owner, even for 6 months – to give K & A enough time to relocate?

I was in utter shock when I drove by today to see the "Thank You Junction" goodbye sign in
the window. I travel all over North America for work, and can say that The Troubadour was right up there with some of the character bars (dive scares people away) found in NYC and San Fran. There must be something waiting in the wings, the area needs it and there is a customer base for sure.

If you want to understand why this is such a significant loss, walk by the building that housed the Troubadour and look in the window. How is it possible that this tiny run down space could have been such an important and vibrant meeting spot? That’s the magic that was the Troubadour. The owners and the patrons and the musicians made something magical out of nothing. This is not simply a case of one business substituting for another. This is a loss, and, I fear – we all fear – a harbinger of the day when The Junction is just another commercial strip. The wine bar may thrive, the new frame shop location may thrive, but neither can hope to match the soul of the Troubadour. And what is a neighbourhood without that?

My observation at BIA meetings suggest there is/was no love lost between Kristy and Pat. I'm not taking sides here – just sayin'.

So it is now more than a year – where is the promised wine bar? Anyway the damage has been done to the Junction. Still no real pub in the area…while other areas continue to move ahead. Yes I have heard rumours of various bars opening but the way the Junction is it will take years. A vibrant pub that brought in people from all over was needlessly destroyed…Hate to say this was predicted…

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