About the cinemas that once lined the West Toronto Junction article over at Heritage Toronto website.

Imagine an 800-seat theatre in the Junction, with an elegant marbleized lobby and a state-of-the-art theatre organ that could simulate a full orchestra.

Consider, too, management’s efforts to lure children to the cinema with the prize of a Shetland pony for best attendance.

The Beaver Theatre opened Nov. 24, 1913 on Dundas St. W., east of Pacific Ave. That was just four years after the community, a then prosperous manufacturing centre crossed by four rail lines, was annexed by the City of Toronto

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Brought to the blogs attention by David W.


How unfortunate it is that a rich part of our heritage has been almost completely destroyed. Maybe we need a new cinema in the Junction. The old McBride's site is pretty big and empty.

A small theatre would be an instant fail. How many established ones have already closed or are closing throughout the city? The Uptown, University, Beach, Bloor, Carlton, etc. If it's not AMC or Ciniplex then there is no point in even trying. Sadly it's big box theatres or nothing.

Plus we do have the REVUE theatre on Roncy which I'd be willing to bet isn't frequented by most readers to this blog.

Your probably right about big box theatres, but I think that a small speciality theatre may stand a chance if it found the right niche, like a children's theme, 4-12 years old. I don't know about others but the only time I go out to see a movie is with the kids, and being able to walk to one would be great.

Why not just be creative and do monthly public screenings in open public spaces during the summer? Have PWYC and sell popcorn, have it all go to the community (one way or another). Digital projectors and a white wall aren't hard to come by, and people can bring blankets/chairs to get themselves comfortable.

Very simple idea to execute by someone who cares enough to put the time into it.

Then do it instead of wasting time telling everyone how their ideas are bad and that only you're logical and that the JRA sucks.

Maybe small theatres don't work anymore (though stacking might allow for larger square footage) something cultural might be a way to utilize the McBride's site and spur revitalization of Dundas east of Keele.

Because A.R., as i stated: "… by someone who cares enough to put the time into it". I'm not that person. I have a life that isn't driven by the need for community initiatives.

And I thought this blog was about enjoying an open discourse…. guess that only applies for when you agree with the points being made.

Btw, i've never said the JRA sucks. Your starting to grasp at straws

^How can you have open discourse if the responses to comments are simply "you must be on drugs"?

If you want to continue to post pie in the sky ideas, like opening a theatre in the junction (????), (redacted). Get real and pop the idealistic bubble you live in A.R., (redacted)

(in reply to your above comment on May 4th… since "someone" removed the ability to reply to that comment directly)

Sure, my comments are sometimes idealistic, but you're always so bitter and pessimistic. If you have no sense of initiative and don't care for ideas, why visit this blog? You don't even know what to do with yourself. You enjoy the discourse? The hell you do. You poison the discourse. (redacted) with your arrogance.

All I can say A.R. is that when Thierry comments on a post there are lots of replies and good banter/conversation. (redacted)Love it or hate it my points spur emotion which in turn leads to honest debate…. which I welcome.

A.R. you have an air of snotty NIMBYISM, as if only you know whats best for this neighbourhood. I honestly laugh when you call me arrogant (you may want to look in the mirror).

Lastly… when you disagree with something you become vile and rude… there's no need for swearing on a family blog. Grow up, just a bit?

It's crucial to be polite, but sometimes the arrogance and rudeness I encounter becomes too much for a normal person to simply ignore. We need to be civil and to respect each other. I welcome your disagreement and that of anyone. Just think twice about writing something "you should move away" or "you're on drugs" after whatever it is you have to say. I love the Junction and I've never taken any illegal narcotics.

If I come off as a snotty NIMBY, anyone can disagree with me; I won't insult them.

Sorry everyone this discussion wasn't watched by be, we need to stop having the attacks I have redacted the meanest comments. Theirry please stop with the name calling AR had a right to be upset.

Go ahead and disagree just use your prefrontal rather than the deep limbic parts of your brain

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