SHOXS has a sign that really has meaning.  This author respects how the owner of the eatery has recognized the need for colour and creativity in expressing the character of his offerings in the community.  It applies a real respect to it’s location in the Junction where good retail design is needed, with the new facade of the TV channel, maybe more buidlings will begin to look this good.


As far as Sports bars go this place is awesome. Very friendly staff and management too.

Gus at Shox was heavily involved in efforts to return alcohol sales to the area, and has a genuine interest in the community. The content on their placemats goes into more detail about this.

Shox has a basement level too that often goes unused. Perhaps if the right pitch was made you'd have a new gallery space for the arts fest. I would include them, yes.

Good? Is that supposed to be ironic? That is the ugliest eyesore in the area. I would never go in there unless I thought it was a good idea to catch dystentry. It's certainly nothing to be proud of. Neither is the coke dealing that goes on the basement of the place. Local option as a byline is just plain embarassing.

The pigeons, the drugs, the clientele, the byline, hell, the eightball is even upside down! 😀 Please you can't assume there are people with class operating this joint.. We have an expression: and it goes something like this: "you can't polish a t*rd". This applies to Shox.

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