200 Annette Street – tree falls

200 Annette Street has had one of the beautiful trees on the site come down during the brick repairs. thanks to David W. for informing us of this.


If a tree falls in the Junction…. and crushes a portion of a reno job including the scaffolding, eaves, and roof…

I expect we'll see a lot more of this over the next few years (extreme weather aside). I'm no arborist, but it seems to me that we have a lot of geriatric Maples lining the streets of our neighbourhood. I don't like to see a great tree being taken down but if the city won't do it then those trees are going to decide for themselves when they're coming down and what they're taking with them.

I had a look at this Saturday afternoon. Despite outward appearances, the tree was diseased – evidence of carpenter ants can be seen in the tall stump where the break occured.

Incredibly, the tree missed most of the building structure, with the worst damage looking to be some stripping of the eavestroughing along the small, western addition. The scaffold certainly got banged up along the western side of the building, but all the windows and walls seem to have escaped injury.

As I understand it, this is fortunate for the developers who can now remove the stump and install a driveway if they so choose without having to worry about the tree protection by-law.

Lucky break for developers, permits to cut down mature trees are very hard to get.

I'm no arborist but the tree did appear sick when I looked at it about 2 weeks ago and I know at least two other large trees in the Junction came down on the same day.

I'm glad nobody was hurt and the church only got a scratch.

The City does a really poor job of taking care of the trees on it's property and right of way/access property. Some remedial work on these trees might help them last a little longer.

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