A quickie store please

Look at those small signs hailing out  ready made meals, the great calling display of fruit and vegetables in the window. This store seems to provide a lot of services and choice. Some of ready meal to quick needs and others for making a meal.

The goods on offer are all up front too – you can see in the store. The Junction truly needs a store such as this, not that I am requesting a conglomerate such Sobeys to  set up, yet is is not reasonable for the Junction food retailers to learn a bit from the huge amounts companies such as Sobeys spend on design for customers. Or do we needs Sobeys to come in?


Surprised to see you in favor of Sobeys over the mom and pop fruit stores on Roncy. I feel like sometimes the blog flip flops on issues.

Metro has the exact same stuff.. a deli counter with ready made meals, chickens, etc. Same good quality.

The worst grocery store ever is the Price Choppers across from Dun station

Not flip flopping, just asking why in Bloor west and in Rony the food vendors are all so appealing and in the the Junction it is not so.

Asking about a Sobeys being necessary, is simply a open ended question about do we accept the lessor rather than the better.

To put in even more strongly I would like to see the Junction food retailers step up the shopping experience.

I think the blog's issue here is not with who the food retailers are or are owned by, but rather with how they sell their wares and use the streetscape.

That's what I was thinking as well. The chain grocery stores tend to put up generic buildings with big at grade parking lots. We've got several chain grocery stores like that in around the Junction area like No Frills on Pacific, Metro on St. Clair, and the two Price Choppers.

Maybe the tide will turn and these companies will start opening new locations that fit better with existing urban neighbourhoods.

Marks & Spencers Simply Food would be a great addition.

Waking up from my dream, the chances of that happening are probably 0%:(

Christmas hasn't been the same since Marks closed down their stores, they had the best Chistmas pudding! Can you believe that it was 1999 when they closed their stores in Canada?

C'mon dave and Thierry, let's get real here! Marks and Spencers was a absolute disaster in Canada. If I remember correctly, their stores here performed the worst of all their stores worldwide and overall Canada was the worst country ever for M&S. Hence, they pulled out.

Kneelup…. we're not talking about IF IT WORKED IN CANADA, we're talking about the chain itself, which is still to this day amazing.

Been to the UK lately? They're market presence there is undeniable.

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