Fatima's Cafe & Bistro what?

Fatima’s Cafe & Bistro a brave restaurant to open a large scale (for the Junction) eating place two blocks out side of the restaurant hub  in the Junction of  Pacific Ave. to Mc Murray ave has been closed for some time now.

judging by the sign on the window the restaurant appears to be in financial distress. This is sad as it was the most vibrant business attracting foot traffic to that end of the Junction business strip.  Many other businesses in and around the corner where Fatima’s is are primarily business  services, which do little for life providing foot traffic for the community.

Hope they return.


They went on holiday, closed the place down for a week or so, came back and another sign was put saying that they would close for around a week for a family emergency and the sign that is there now appears.

Nice idea, nice food but really lacked the execution, wanted to do things their way which means having only 1 person cooking and everything falling about when they aren't available. Nevermind having to wait ages for food.

My mom walked in the other day and spoke to a guy behind the counter. He said that Fatima didn't pay her rent – and that he was going to open up a chow mein and jerk chicken place instead, in about another month. I will miss Fatima's cooking.

The restaurant has been listed on the mls for some time now. Sad to see her expansion struggle. I think the problem with this space is the exterior facade – who ever updated that buildings exterior did a horrible job – what an eye soar.

Do you notice the bailiff its fake?there's no date and amount owing and by law fatima's still have rights to that place till July 20th.Landlord's an (redacted)

I agree – I can put my finger on it, but something about that building was just not very welcoming.

what i know from Fatima she wants to change the facade and the landlord didn't approved_that's very sad.

The butcher a few doors down is closed too. Sign in the window says something about the Ontario government closing them down for having clean, unhormonal meat. Somebody should snap a pic of it. Very interesting.

years ago it was JJ's Auotmotive Parts, then it was Speaker hut and the building looked like this: http://bit.ly/cAwrSL a few years after, both 3108 and 3110 were sold and the new owner renovated it in 2004 to its present hideous glory and started the Bamboo Spa which lasted for about a year and a half and then it was the Dolce Salon and Spa for another few months which turned into Fatima's Bistro. The building has good bones, and the interior renovations were done properly, too bad they decided on a facade like that, its out of character with the rest of the surroundings and looks like a plastic surgery gone wrong..

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