Baby Point Gates BIA created

Ward 13 business efforts will be further enhanced by the creation of this BIA, a long and strong effort by some local business owners and local – “feet on the ground” city Councillor Bill Saundercook, who spearheaded the long effort to have this happen in the Jane St and the Annette St area.  The new BIA was formally approved at the June 8-9th meeting of Toronto City Council. Today, on June 23rd, Councillor Saundercook attended the first meeting of the newly established Baby Point Gates BIA Steering cmte.
The Baby Point Gates BIA is the 3rd BIA in Ward 13. The other two BIAs are the Bloor West Village and the Junction BIA.The inaugural meeting of the newly formed Baby Point Gates BIA.

Background material links (hosted here at the blog) Take a look at the timeline to see the long effort.

Proposed Baby Point Gates BIA Process & Timelines

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This looks to be a great thing for that local community. Given the area's proximity from Bloor West and the Junction strip this neighbourhood's had a heavy car culture for a long time. As such, only a few local businesses have really thrived.

Hopefully this is indicative of the community in the Jane/Annette area forging a stronger indentity and taking a more active interest in their immediate surroundings. There are some nice commercial storefronts along Annette Street, and while geography and sidewalk-width prevent it from rivalling Bloor or Dundas, it could still be much more active than it currently is.

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