West End Junction Facade Restoration

The west end of Dundas Street between St Johns Place and Runnymede hasn’t seen allot of facade restoration.

This site located west of Malta Park is breaking new ground though with an extensive restoration which includes some excellent woodwork and brick cleaning.

When the project is complete it might be a poster shot for facade restoration given the evolving contrast to the mirrored building next to it.

Post by Martin Lennox of the JRA

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Facade restorations are always interesting. We seem to see plenty of them on Dundas. The removal of overhead wires along Dundas may be a factor; the facades stand out more when the street's focal points aren't big wooden poles and clusters of overhead wires obscuring all the buildings. In some areas there are abandoned poles right beside newer ones.

Because of this ugly infrastructure, parts of the city have a sort of "frontier town" look that's inappropriate for this national metropolis with increasing global exposure.

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