St John Place public space enhancement hydro discussion

As the work nears completion at St John’s Rd a discussion takes place with city staff and Bill Saundercook to have the hydro connected up. This required additional attention as it was not in the original plan. As the project was bought about quickly

by the councillor with a group from the community.
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I hope this doesn't mean some wires will be strung up haphazardly. Our tax dollars paid for the clean and attractive look of buried electrical wires and that's how it should stay.

I'm curious to know if others think the gazebo is a little short in height, in relation to the buildings and trees that surround it…

Met Sarah Doucette the other day. After speaking with her at length she seems really in tune with the Junction and I'm impressed with her level of comitment. To me Saundercook seems all about press ops and any attempts I've made at contacting him on his website about relevant issues in the area were never responded to.
Check out:

I honestly think the gazebo looks a tad out of place in this little stripe. Would it have not been better served in the Malta parkette?

Excuse me Thierry et al, that photo above is a SNAPSHOT not a highly choreographed "photo-op" as you so cynically claim. Give me a break.

Bill had nothing to do with the choice of location the community group choose the location. And neither did as I did not attend that meeting.

This gazebo really is a shame, and points to the lost opportunity of this improvement project. What used to be a charming public space is now overbuilt… While I can appreciate the initiative, one should always be wary of trying to 'enhance' streetscapes—especially when the result is more akin to a suburban backyard. Let's do something real, not just erect token follies!

C.K…. the more you post around here, the more you'll pick up on these "coincidences" involving Bill Saundercook & the JunctionBlog. Junctioneer himself has stated he's a fan of his a possibly (I don't remember his exact wording) on his campaign "team".

Hello Fedja,

Thanks for the feedback, can I ask what you would have done different? The JRA is looking to make other streetscape improvements and we can use lots of feedback. You can contact the JRA at if you like.

Keep in mind the budget for the project was very small and we had to use all the existing fixtures.

I hate to be overly negative about it, because I'm sure a lot of people worked hard to put this together, but I'm kind of with Fedja on this one.

It just seems like the wrong place for something like this. I also worry about maintenance -stuff like this often gets shabby and sunbleached after a while. that area could have used some landscape work or stylish benches, but that thing looks more like an obstruction with no real purpose (imho)

D; it'll serve the purpose of providing sun / rain shelter to the transients and local wife-beater wearing old men that currently hang out around back of "Baker's Dozen" donuts.

Theirry give the guy a break he works 16 hours day (my estimate) for the community, he had an associate call and help the festival at 10pm last night.

If you want to do a true accounting of his efforts as related to news images follow the cities tracking of council activities.

it's unfair of you to deride him without knowing his full efforts.

and that would go for the current other people running for office.

Theirry, this is a non-profit, non-government blog. The junctioneer can write, promote, respond, warn, ignore or take pictures of whatever he wants too.

Besides you seem more interested in attacking Saundercook than the junctioneer is in promoting him, plus you added a nice plug for Rob Ford.

Here’s a link to WordPress, if you don’t like what you read go start a blog of your own.

I actually detest Ford, however he's one of the few councilors who post their voting record online. I actually figured someone would pick that up, and surprise surprise it was you Martin. Pretty close relationship you have with Robert no? And Bill? Strange how the allies always come out to defend each other…

I think i'll stick around here, but thanks for the offer!

Don't censor Theirry… it's not proper. He is just trying to point out that Saundercook has a bad record for voting in favour of tax increases and pay increases for himself. Rob Ford and other candidates have posted his voting record and it's public knowledge that anyone can access through city hall. My question to Saundercook would be why not post your voting record on your own website? Is he ashamed of it? I'll tell you after reading it I'm not too impressed by his record and I'd encourage all readers to do their own research on this subject and see if you too are shocked like i was.

Hi Tom,

I only censored therirry last coments because again he resorted to name calling (including me)

I told him in a email if produced a complete voting record from city records I would post it I not goingbtompublish just peoples personal likes and dislikes of the votes

On a related note the JRA will be hosting a Q&A with the Ward 13 candidates on October 6 or 7.

Next week when school is back in we will book the venue and confirm the date, location and time.

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