Starbucks sign appears


Just curious; does anyone know what's happening on the top floor of this building? Are they going to be condo units like the ones on Medland?

I don't understand why the McBride's site can't be properly developed when I see nicely detailed and scaled infill buildings like this one in the Junction.

Speaking of McBride A.R., is something going on there? I noticed a 'stage'-type area setup and it looked like some cleanup had been done.

The stage is Tom reconfigured for jfac's winter project on the site, which will start building after the film crew leaves Oct 4th.

Is there some plan in place to clean up all the string that is tied to the fence surrounding the lot? It looks pretty dirty now after several rainstorms and sunny days

The film crew (or someone in the last couple of days) appears to have knocked the fence along the back (south) side of the lot off of its moorings and into the laneway. Hopefully that'll get cleaned up too.

Its a Global TV series pilot that shot @ Shox yesterday (inside and out). There was a flyer sent around to local businesses, but the title of the series escapes me

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