Wine Bar local ready to start renos

The planned wine bar location in the former Picture it Framed store. which simply moved a few doors est of the North side also…now has it’s windows covered for renos?


I heard about this wine bar thing, but I thought that was what they were working on in that spot next to the Freindly Thai? …maybe we're getting TWO wine bars !

I thought I heard a rumour about a brew pub? Also any information on the Tea Blendz place? I saw a sign go up yesterday I think… Closer to Keele I believe, on the south side?

Not sure if this blog mentioned this or not, but this building was actually the site of the first mosque in all of Toronto:

The site has some interesting oral histories and photos on it (including the pic of Malcolm X on the main page).

A liquor license application has been submitted for 2876 Dundas St. West (in the vacant building west of Celts). The name of the new brewpub will be "The Indie Alehouse".

I’m pretty excited about this development, local rumours say it’s a brew pub that might have on-site sales.

If the rumours are true its a huge investment in our community and another sign that the Keele/Dundas intersection is finally attracting more attention.

I’ve also heard rumours of another perspective brew-pub opening, it might be the same one but the theme (Junction History) is different.

Yep. The "Indie Alehouse" and "Junction Craft Brewing" ( ) are two different entities. The latter doesn't have a location yet, as I gather they are working on marketing first, hoping to start by shopping their product to local bars and restaurants before moving operations into the area and featuring pub component.

Who's involved with this "Junction Craft Brewing"? Also, why do they spell Heintzman as "Heinzman" on their Hefenweisse label? Are they involved with the WTJHS?

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