New York Pork on St Clair West comes down

A really long time after the fire.











The land has been zoned for mixed use with 10 storey’s under the St.Clair Avenue Study which will means that it will most likely be a apt building/condo with store front at the bottom floor.

New York Pork Comes….. comes what?

Also, nice thumb in the first pic.

Please look at your posts before you post them and rule number one for photos is never post one with your thumb in it!!!!!!! Quality over Quantity.

Give the guy a break, it's not easy creating these blogs, I looked at this picture and never noticed the thumb.

If you can do better create your own.

Jim, now that I did point it you'll notice it more and more frequently like in the 11 division post above.

"give the guy a break" Why? Journalism is only credible if you're not making mistakes. I'd like to see the blog step up the grammar, spelling and picture quality. Give me a good reason why not!

Love the content, hate the quality. Just asking for some proof reading.

I'd really like to see a multi-storey building on this site to build up the St. Clair Avenue streetscape and provide some density with retail on the ground floor. It's the head of Cobalt Avenue, the street which connects St. Clair Avenue West to Runnymede Park and George Bell Arena, the most important public spaces in this neighbourhood.

It would be nice to see the architecture of a new multi-storey building create an attractive vista down Cobalt Avenue to Runnymede Park. There's already a precedent, albeit a crude one. The former slaughterhouse's loading docks were almost centred on the middle of the street.

The Demo of the building is all gone but they seem to be digging lower into the soil, maybe remediation work or possibly getting it ready for some time of development.

I heard from the men who are doing the demolition that New York Pork is re-building the business again??? Anyone know if this is true? I'd hate to see that smelly eye sore go up again.

You will be happy to here that I just spoke with the City staff about these rumours of the owner rebuilding NY Pork and the City has confirmed that they are not true and would not be allowed to rebuild a slaughter house again. 🙂

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