Junction Blockbuster to close- 2890 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

as the Canadian arm of the firm is winding down..

huge store


really great basement




Not surprising. Any time I look in there I see only 1 or 2 customers. Don't know how they lasted this long. Bankruptcy sure changes things. Always wondered why the upper level remained vacant. Sure looked better when it was Kresge's!

Good location for Dollarama! They are today's Kresge or Woolworth Five and Dime store.

It's a dying industry, so it was only a matter of time. with Blockbuster gone and also the recently closed furniture store down the street, it'll be a bit empty on that stretch.

It's probably harder to lease these very large stores, they're not really suitable for a lot of small mom and pop operations. I always wondered if they've thought of dividing into two units…would probably be easier…

Other than a restaurant of furniture store I can't think of anything suitable…maybe we could stick a giant nightclub in there?…or perhap SS Kresge might reopen?

Not sure how deep the building is but with some renos it would probably make a great Rep Cinema.

(I sure hope Raymond is joking – the last thing we need is a GIANT Dollarama)

Why not? Plenty of traffic (customers) and they can hold their own against Walmart. Biggest problem is lack of free parking. This is low end merchandise and there is only so much walkin traffic. The Junction lacks brand name (non-food) stores. Shoppers was the last one besides Blockbuster.

One thing I noticed about that Blockbuster is that it always smelled like sewage near the back of the store. It's a small thing I know but it was enough to stop me from going there too often.

There are multiple dollar stores already on Dundas from Keele to Clendenan, the last thing we need is another dollar store.

Terroni or Sobey's Express, but the area also needs a cool bar. The space is a bit big for a Czehoski's or a 3 Speed but the area needs something similar to those.

I really think is a real estate investment trust, it can be found by going to the municipal offices looking at the tax rolls, there is a fee.

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