Mom2Mom Sale Wise Daughters Craft Market



Mom2Mom Sale for those who would like to buy second-hand maternity/kids’ clothing and equipment, the $2 admission will be donated IN FULL to the Redwood Women’s Shelter in our neighbourhood, this shelter houses moms and their children who are fleeing domestic abuse.

If you do not need to buy anything but would still like to donate your $2, please come on by from 9:30 am to the Wise Daughters Craft Market (address below), and THANK YOU in advance.

The came up with $250 and our mom-sellers came up with $40, we’re hoping to raise much more. I am a mom of 2 little girls, I don’t know what’s it like to live in a shelter with my kids, I know that Redwood needs money for basic necessities, like food, clothing, art supplies, counsellors, even school supplies for kids who had to leave everything behind… I can’t even imagine, let’s help them out.



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