Vine parkette Baseball diamond hits the dust today

well right now at 11:49am



But whats to replace it their seemingly is a lot of conversation over the current plans to place a new Jr play equipment centre in the area near where the the coming down baseball diamond is but little interest in getting involved as to what is going to be done.

Is the parkette to lose it wonderful green space?


Update 1:21 pm June 20th

A very good comment by reader John has been posted in the comments section of this post outlining the emails between the councilors office and himself, Click here to go to his comment.

Update 2 about the same time.

This author also wrote an email to the  councilor about the situation, asking for a public meeting about what can be done not what is being done.

The councilors office is correct there was public opinion fed into the process though an in park meeting – yet even then there was concern about the second phase.

But no matter that public forum was held coming up on over 4 years ago, times change in the Junction so much since then…

is it all to hard to have another look before something is placed there for the next 20 years?


The trucks the men


Pulling the concrete


the foundations


will do… I am thinking about asking Adam Vaughn for advice as he might have some constructive suggestions about how we can begin a healthier dialog without loosing the money allocated to Vine Park…

I have been getting the same form email from the councilor and no images, plans etc.

Pretty ridiculous.

My experience with the city is, they do *some* consultations with residents on project x. Then they get the various departments to develop some plans. Then plans are written & finalized. Then they go back to the residents and/or groups with the plans. If the residents andor groups don't like the plans for the project, then, quite simply, the project is then dead…

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