Park meeting plans park showing Wed July 6th Vine Parkette



6:30 and 8pm on Wednesday July 6th Vine Parkette

e parks manager,


Yes…those of us that aren't thinking solely about the impact of the park on ourselves but others, including the youth of the Junction over the age of 3.

A skatepark would be amazing in this neighborhood. As a skateboarder in my youth and an occasional skateboarder now I have go great distances to skateboard with my son. Many parents, dads and moms are actively either skateboarding with their kids or take them to parks all over the city. I think it would be great to keep this activity local.

I agree Derek but unless you're willing to play outside the normal rules of how things are supposed to get approved you're out of luck. My point being the 2 year battle for the off leash area in Baird Park. Here's what you need to do if you want a skatepark. First organize group of like minded people, (skateboard enthusiast) then get all the skateboarding people you know to sign a petition stating how everyone wants a skatepark, (careful not to ask anyone who is opposed to the skatepark), then present your finding that show's how everyone is in support of this to the local politician, (the lower the rank of the elected official the better), Finally make sure you hold local meeting to explain to the community how much this is needed and that everyone will benefit from the above mentioned skatepark, (make sure this meeting is at the most inconvenient time so no one who has to work will attend). Oh and never give up, sure the city may spend money building a skatepark, then spend more tear it down, but don't give up sooner or later your skatepark will be built despite what the majority of the community wants.

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