High Park Zoo its possible loss not causing any uproar?


A quick Google search results in a multitude of save Riverdale farm efforts, while a save High Park Zoo results in a Inside Toronto article and a Facebook page (great effort with around 1400 friends).

It is surprising with the new baby boom in the area over the past few years, more parents in the area would not be protesting the potential closing of the zoo.  Typically, on the weekend it is a “zoo” there with all of the families and tourists visiting the resident animals.  Is the community just unaware of the threatened closure or are people ready to see the High Park Zoo go?

a few images from the park zoo today…





Why can't the city simply allow for $ donations to the High Park Zoo and Riverdale? It's a similar arguement to the indoor pools, who now charge a couple bucks to use their facilities.. Don't try and make a profit, try to make enough $ for operations.

There have been no actual proposals to close down the High Park zoo (or Riverdale Farm or anything else for that matter). As things stand at the moment, KPMG has simply listed every single possible way the city could save some money. If the High Park zoo were actually to be threatened with closure, I would certainly make some noise. I used to go there as a child and now I take my kids. It's a wonderful resource.

I beleive that High Park Zoo cannot charge a fee because of an agreement when the land was donated to the city. It was to be free for the people of the city to enjoy.
What a shame that this nice little zoo that offers educational sessions through Meet the Keeper to school classes and day camps will no longer be offered. Where else can people who are struggling to make ends meet spend time looking at Barbury Sheep, Llamas, Capyberas, Bison and Wallabies just to name a few, on the subway line. Not everyone can spend hours on the bus to get to the Toronto Zoo and pay the cost to see the animals there. This is free for everyone to enjoy, the way the people who donated the land expected it to be.
The staff is knowledgeable and really care about the animals. And if this goes through it will be a loss to a zoo that has been around over 100 years. I don't get why people are aren't outraged.
The zoo is worth the cost as a educational destination as well as entertainment.
At the very least the councillor should be given a chance by the city to find a sponsor or other alternative to the situation.
Contact Councillor Doucette and let her know: councillor_doucette@toronto.ca

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