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A few weeks ago a meeting was held with the parks department regarding upcoming changes to Vine Ave parkette. During the meeting a parks representative stated that Vine parkette had a lot (sic) and many other parks had less.  A few of the residents in attendance stated that maybe the park reno for Vine Ave parkette should go to another park.

This author began to wonder about that idea. If Vine Ave parkette is well provided for, as the parks person statement suggested and other parks were were in greater need and  were not getting the investment they needed. Wouldn’t it serve the greater and broader community by applying all or part of funding to a near by park that sorely needed a overhaul.

One scenario could have been to purchase a place a needed piece of equipment for Vine Ave. parkette for the mid teens as has been suggested  is needed, and using the other funds to help out a problem park nearby.

Next on the thought  and discovery agenda was to ascertain if there was such a park nearby. A look at the cities website and a few Google map look-ups presented a few parks with a ten minutes of travel  from Vine Ave. parkette.

Upon visiting a few parks,  Westlake Park at 86 Jasper Ave. leaped  out as park in need with ramshackle play equipment and not much of it. The parks curb appeal is not there and  design and objects for protection of runabout children  is weak. The park does have beautiful green hills and sloping vistas that are well maintained.   Situated next to a social housing estate, the need is much greater.



Jasper Ave & Cliff Street M6N 2M8 Ward: 11  in district: Etobicoke York


Great idea, however: Is this park in the same district as Vine? Isn't this up to the local counsellor? Didn't Vine get funding from sources other than the city? Wasn't the baseball diamond that was removed donated elsewhere?

Yes I agree it is not in ward 13, the funds were/are section 37 funds from the Daniels condo on HIGH Park Ave and some from LOWES Corporation.

The guys trking down the diamond said it was being scraped, schedule 85 pipe, it never dies

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