Heintzman fish and chips shop… time to reopen?

Closed for almost two decades now this building used to be one of the best fish and chip places in the west end.  located at the bottom of Heintzman Ave just across from the new condos.



Yes, it was good food. Not sure any fish and chip business can last. Too specialized a menu. The end was likely brought on in part by the change of meat free Fridays by the Catholic church.

It seems that there is a resurgence of "fish and chip" shops in the city, one in the Junction is a great idea, but probably more successful if it is on the main drag.

There was a time that small stores and doctor's offices appeared in residential areas. Unfortunately, zoning laws made it worse for cities, especially in suburbs where there are no existing stores that could continue by being grandfathered. It results in people having to drive or make special errands to shop for the simplest things. Even worse, where there are stores set up in high-rise buildings, the lease for the stores can be very expensive. No opportunity for an independent store owner to get their start, or for a Kensington Market to appear.

this was my family’s business my dad was told it will never last on a dead end street but i had to fight through lines of people as a kid coming home 4 lunch from school…. in the 80’s when Vesuvio’s pizzeria was the #1 pizza in the city we were #2 for fish and chips,,, with it being a dry area (No Booze)you had to have good food ….

Yes, this was a great fish and chips place. Billy, you and I were friends in the 70’s before we moved in 1980. I remember your bike with the shocks, great times as kids..the area has changed a lot, but the memories are still there

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