Roncesvalles Village and Parkside benches/planters



So purposeful, so right for the area.

And because of the simple concrete manufacture quite inexpensive as street furniture goes.

Just brilliant design for people solution.

Roncesvalles Village BIA project 


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I like the platforms with cyclists nicely accomodated. It's sad that some people are going to complain about the platforms because they are quite sophisticated infrastructure that follows the modern principle of putting the needs of pedestrians and transit users at the forefront of urban design. It's design we should embrace and be proud of.

When I saw the same kinds of platforms in Vienna, I was proud to see that my city was keeping pace with another city that seems to frequently innovate in urban infrastructure design. The bicycle bump-outs on Roncesvalles, however, was something their older platforms lack. I've used them and found them satisfactory. The transition from street to platform is smooth, and it's clearly marked as for bicycles, so people waiting for the streetcar don't stand on the strip. A job well done, but locals should have pressed for the elimination of hydro wires along the street even if it meant longer construction. Such an opportunity may not come for a generation.

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