More breakfast seats

And duty different also. Most weekends getting a seating for breakfast in the Junction can be difficult.

Yet with addition of the recently opened Locomotive cafe there are a number of addition seats. Which is great in and of itself, yet the fare is decidedly different than the other restaurants in the area.

With in house brined or cured meats being one if the great specialties if thus shop.

Brined and/or cured meats are a wonderful comeback to the Junction with the recent loss of John’s meats. Also this brings back a idea of the decades gone industrial dressed meat plants that were just north tracks across from Vine Ave Parkette.

Maple leaf meats had a huge plant of St Clair Ave W. as well as a dressed meats research lab. (where the Phrama Plus store is now)

The company Canadian Dressed Meats also had an large presence and the accompanying smells just into the mid 80’s.




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