Settlement House at the old police station number 11?


Can the creation of a traditional Settlement House at the old police station on  209 Mavety Street    contribute to the correction of the Keele St. and Dundas St. West area? Settlement House offer a place of gathering, community activity, and often contribute to neighborhood strength, and problem solving.

Below is some information on Settlement House and their history and missions in Toronto.


Settlement House or as they are often referred to now Neighbourhood Centres are part of the Settlement House Movement which began in 1883 that are still operating today as hubs and anchors for social participation. An common saying of the movement…
rather than asking residents, “What can we do

for you?” they asked, “What can we do together?”
University Settlement 23 Grange Rd, Toronto

The first settlement houses were established in Toronto between 1894 and 1914, and included Fred Victor Centre (1894), University Settlement Recreation Centre (1910), Central Neighbourhood House (1911) and St. Christopher House (1912). All of these organizations are still active members of the current Toronto Neighbourhood Centres association.


A major component of Settlement Houses is:

   INCLUSIVENESS: empowering individuals and groups who have been left out of the planning, decision-making and policy-development processes in their community; promoting increased awareness, respect and an active celebration of people’s diversity.[1.]

Settlement House Movement in America history link 

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As long as it's not a homeless shelter or a boarding house or a daily rental place then I'm for it. Take a look at what's going on at Indian Grove/Dundas West if you want to know why I feel this way.

Does anyone have any more information about what happen to that building? My family lives in the townhouses further south on the street and we are concerned. I tried to contact the city about it but no decision has been reached at that time. What would be a good way to get involved in the decision making process for this? Any ideas?

This building does not have residential zoning, but ended up being the only place where they could do a farm animal show for kids indoor last year, as the city officials told me.


I think the settlment houe

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