Architect Richard Rogers states city development was the best way to build new homes today


With 4 condo development sites, and currently building retail site and one  more large possible large retail site available in the greater Junction area (GJA) for development, is it not time for the community to start gaining better traction to work out a model from for this development.

The report below provides a very interesting overview of the re-urbanization of inner city areas.

Lord Rogers has authored a report that states that city development was the best way to build new homes because of their jobs, infrastructure and public transport systems with garden cities and new towns far more car-based.

“Cities are the most efficient thing,” he said

From the introduction…

The vision of the Urban Task Force remains an integrated

and multifaceted one founded on the creation of urban

communities that:

• are well designed, compact and connected

• support a diverse range of uses in a sustainable

urban environment

• are well-integrated with public transport

• are adaptable to change.

True to that vision, and in keeping with the original mission

of the Urban Task Force, we make recommendations in this

report based on the principles of:

• design excellence

• social wellbeing, and

• environmental responsibility

set within a viable and sustainable economic, legislative

and delivery framework.

Full report



Can you mention where these Condo sites are located or going to be located as well as the Retail Complexes in the Junction?

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