Elsewhere – the MABELLEarts housing projects

MABELLEarts is a org that brings together people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to make art, tell stories and creatively transform the place that is Mabelle – a Toronto Community Housing complex in Etobicoke.


Note: the blog is going to the complex Wednesday night and will add some images to this post




MABELLE History In The Making

With thoughts of website visiting in mind, don’t forget to check out our ongoing webrospective celebrating five years in the Mabelle Park!  Yep, this summer we realized was our fifth – holy moley!  To honour this milestone we are creating a short blog series full of images from each year in the Mabelle Park.  Online festivities will be capped off with a podcast created by mistress of all things audio – Maggie Hutcheson.  The podcast will include the voices of MABELLEartists, community leaders and local residents talking about their experiences in the Mabelle Park, both pre-MABELLEarts and today.

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