Exposed steel ibeam

Right now a steel I beam is visible on the front exterior of the pictured building. This building is on the north side of Dundas St. West just west of Keele St.

Suffering only from a mild bit of tension metal fatigue after supporting a rather heavy and wide load, especially in relation to other Junction retail buildings.

Also shining with pride are the square head mechanical fasteners. These same fasteners are using in many of the old industrial buildings in the Junction. The Symes Rd disused garbage transfer station uses them in its massive car size dumping shoots.

They were numerous in the now taken down silo on Junction Rd.

On the front of this Dundas St W. Building you get to see the historic fasteners without all the danger of moving around the old industrial buildings.

I guess that’s more than most wanted to hear about local historic steel mechanical joining.



They are in there (take a look between the cracks of the wood facade, and you'll see the beer vats). I've heard that there's some delay with city permits.

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