West local city land sell off – 1978 Lake Shore Boulevard West & Part of 2000 Lake Shore Boulevard West – Ward 13

The City of Toronto Council is today (Tuesday 29th) receiving a report from the City of Toronto’s Chief Corporate Officer about the transfer (read sale) of what it is determining as surplus Lands to Build Toronto. Built Toronto is an arm of the City of Toronto that acts as a  real estate and development corporation for the city. Over the next couple of weeks the blog is going to highlight each of the areas in the local west end.

1st off the old Joy gas station land in Ward 13.

As part of cities make money plan by selling off public land  City Council plans to sell  in Ward 13 a plot in the  middle land between   The Queensway , the Lake Shore Boulevard West and the waterfront.

This site which has already been deemed surplus is now for sale.

Yet what about not selling it and having the community gain from its retention.

proposition idea 1.   Waylay park for the journey to the waterfront from the rest of ward 13.

Most people know the disturbing feelings of danger and just annoyance  that can  brought on crossing  The Queensway and the Lake Shore Boulevard West to gain access to the lakefront park lands and then again back up into the bulk of the ward.

Using this small plot as a Parkette to “join up” the waterfront to the rest of Ward 13 can be proposed with the benefits of providing rest parkette for the crossing of two busy 6o kl. speed roads and the travel under a rather unpleasant bridge. Creating the parkette would ease the travel on this route for disabled persons. Would contribute to the councils claim to be making Toronto in a city within a park.

proposition idea 2. Simply give the land to good community non-profit such as the earlier planed Fred Victor centre which  is a social services organization that fosters long-lasting and positive change in the lives of homeless and low income people living all across Toronto.


Current Google image of site




City Rational for selling the land, the make money issue is omitted by the staff writer
The view looking west now Google image Nov. 2011

 The cities own concerns about use of the plot.

Uses and issues of the subject property from the city reports…






Take a look whats the best use Park - rotating art park - condo - fast food - ?


The blog could not find a sale price


package download PDF link

1978 – 2000 LakeshoreBlvW_ sales Flyer from city hired realtor

Pages from backgroundfile-37550 concerning 1978 Lake Shore Boulevard West



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