West local city land sell off – 425 Old Weston Rd

This works yard is on the list to be declared surplus. Just north of St Clair West on old Weston Rd.

This lot is one of largest available development lots in the greater Junction area.

It’s land size and location probably will interest a housing developer.


Might be a good place for a high rise. Right on multiple bus and streetcar routes. No high rise anywhere nearby. Would make a good mix since there are plenty of single houses everywhere.

It's surrounded by residential houses, so it doesn't look that way. "No high rise anywhere nearby" should trigger some alarm bells in terms of high-rise appropriateness. Maybe a midrise building would be more appropriate. Multiple bus and streetcar routes mean higher density is appropriate, though not necessarily with a high-rise scale. It would be interesting if the buyer could also obtain that empty lot fronting St. Clair between Old Weston Road and Cloverdale Road. A main street with a streetcar line shouldn't have empty lots like that.

I'd like the see the list of surplus properties. Does Junctioneer have a link?

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