Please keep me in the Junction dear CPR railway

Recently the yellow caboose that stood regularly just behind George Bell Arena, has been traversing the rail tracks around the Junction.

Worryingly does this indicate that the CPR cannot retain a place to store it, hopefully not it would surely be missed.

Or is the dreamy reality that the railroad men and women just love having a roar moving it around remembering the days when trains had cabooses.

The caboose was visible at the back of Vine parkette Thursday.



Whats to miss? When it was behind the George Bell arena it was a teenage drinking and vandalism spot. Even in that picture it looks like crap with all the tags on it. Get rid of it I say! I notice that the CPR lot behind Rona has been sold. They've fenced it up proper forcing the homeless encampment that was there to find a new home. This is the area behind Metro with the metal fence running from Rona to George Bell Arena.

Its the moist recent use as part of the railway was about ten years ago as part of the iron highway inter model service.

Oh and whats to miss well the beauty of something with deep connection to its environs.

and whats wrong with a few homeless encampments, as long as they really are homeless and not simply drunks and the sort.

well some are quite nice teens, while some are really scary those would be nice to have gone but the down on opportunism teens, of course would to see them better off,

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