Junction Residents Association survey shows people interested in basic improvement projects

Why not use two mins well and click on the above image and go over to their site and vote, the more people who vote will help  direct their efforts. Remember the local Councillor relies heavy on the opinions of this resident association.


Next JRA community meeting will be held on Thursday, January 12, from 7 to  9 p.m.

This meeting will be held in the Community Room of the new 11 Division Police Station at 2054 Davenport Road.


Two words: public square. With a historical monument and fountains. The neighbourhood could have events year round there without needing to close Dundas Street and worrying about muddy ground in parks from fall to spring.

A more modest idea would be to improve urban design at the intersection with sophisticated paving, artwork, and perhaps more compact landscaping elements like a fountain simply along the sidewalks. It would be great to seem some more facade restoration and relighting the beautiful Beaux-Arts Bank of Toronto building on the northeast corner–it was always lit up at night but recently went dark.

Great comments AR,
The JRA will be looking into this area more in the spring with some public consultation events. I hope you and others can make it out.

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