New Car wash coming to west of Runnymede Rd.

Presently the site of a Gas bar at Windermere Ave and Dundas St W.  the site has now been granted a permit to build a shell only for a one storey convience store and manual car wash.




At least this car wash is west of Runnymede, and therefore beyond the historic pedestrian- and transit- oriented part of Dundas. However, I'd prefer this part to also develop in that direction as well. It's too bad that redevelopment proposal for the car wash across from Freshco to build a seniors' residence didn't get off the ground. Jerome Markson was supposed to be the architect.

Just what the area needs, another car wash! Already one there. Plus, 1 just west of Scarlett Road, one near St.Johns and two up Keele south of St.Clair.

Perfect place for a car wash, due to traffic in the area.. perhaps 'Car Wash District' designation should be used?

I wonder if you can help me understand, as I'm new to this game. Would there be an overall plan for this strip? Ultimately what body would award the permit for this?

Pretty easy to neglect the already neglected pockets with poor planning, but in a City that requires the build up of density, this lack of foresight it what leads to stagnation.

I agree. The city should do an avenue plan for this part of Dundas, encouraging density and a mix of uses like on Dundas in The Junction for a less car-oriented city and more value than just automated carwashes and strip malls. So to answer your question, Enzo, it would be the city's planning department that generates the overall plan. Sometimes they do a plan for an entire street like St. Clair, but I think that if you contacted the local councillor, you might be able to persuade him or her that it's worth doing that here.

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