Dodge Pulley come storage building gone after Recent fire.

Sadly the recent fire that occurred at this building on Osler Ave. has caused the building to be completely taken down.







Perfect place for a car wash..

Thought I'd mention the homeless persons hovel off Runnymede north of Dundas by the 40 bus loop has been dismantled.. Seen it this morning. He's been living there for a while and was upset!

The local councillor should make every effort to see to it that this lot doesn't remain empty for decades, like many in the area. That's not to say that anything should be accepted (like another car wash this time on a mostly residential street), but these empty lots and land speculation suck the vitality out of the neighbourhood.

Who owns it? Could it be the same owner as the industrial strip plaza next to it which was also the Dodge plant? If so, they may want to add a small addition or just leave for customer parking or vehicle storage rental.

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