Wowie Wowie Wowie 130 Cawthra Ave being marketed as mixed use light indiustrial and artist studios

Maple Leaf Foods subsid…Canada Bread has found a new home for it’s Junction production in Hamilton. Now its appears they are setting up their old Junction building for sectionalized and demised leasing for art and design studios.

Maybe a building like 400 Dufferin Ave has been for so many years.

This makes this blog author so happy artist space is do needed so badly in the area, there was a time in the deep dark ages of the Junction in the 80’s til mid 90’s that there were good spaces for artists in the Junction. Even Keele Centre had some at great rates and a do what you want ways when the building was owned by the CPR division Marathon Realty, this author worked out of there for a long time.

Couple this with a possible condo on the on the old plant site could really enliven the area.

130_Cawthra_Ave_-_LEASE_-Jan_2012 download flyer

buildoing plan


Saturday Feb 11 2012 taken down Flour? Tower
Saturday Feb 11 2012 plant interior during equipment removal


Sadly, now our bread needs to be trucked from long distances…so much for sustainability or is it a buzz word used when it's convenient.
The City needs to look at the amount of land they are allowing to being eaten up in these previously light industrial areas. These were places where people once lived and worked within walking distance in their communities. Now we are fast losing affordable office/work space near transportation so that CONDO developers can continue to spread over vast areas creating bedroom communities. The city of toronto in it's typical shortsighted way can reap great rewards in taxes and development fees. Really bad news. Who in their right mind thinks that they can gentrify beside a diesel rail line! If you do you deserve your delusions.

The work that is currently being done on the 6 Lloyd Avenue site right beside the Canada Bread Facility were the proposed Condo's are going.

Couple this with a possible condo on the on the old plant site could really enliven the area.

UpdatesJan 2012: Final stage of remediation begins.
Feb 2012: Closing first round of investor monies.
March 2012: Closing of second round pending completion of "Record Of Site Condition".

Jeanne…you could buy bread from a local bakery, bread that was made in this factory went to central distribution centres outside the GTA before being shipped back to the Junction's No Frills…

I myself am glad to see the Canada Bread rigs gone off Lloyd Avenue and Mulock, the rigs do not belong in the city and hope NRT(Rubber Factory) will leave as well. This is the future of Toronto more Condos and homes will be built to make sure that their is enough housing for new comers moving into the city etc.. There is plenty of condos/homes near rail lines so this will not be an issue, look right down the road at Keele/Dundas those condo towers are right beside the rail lines, does not seem to be an issue there. The area needs to get cleaned up and this is going in the right direction. A New mall is being built by Trinity at St.Clair and Keele, they need to built housing around this mall to make sure the people are there to keep it successfull and full.

Canada Bread is now officially gone from the 130 Cawthra site, new owners took over April 01,2012. I would still like to know who purchased the facility, if anyone knows please update this blog.

New Updated Site with Leasing Opportunities for the site.

This conversion is the sort of thing that should have happened with at least some of the original buildings in the stock yards area: let artists and startups take over and slowly revitalize the area into something historical, vibrant, and interesting with a sense of place. All the while, create quality new public spaces and refined urban infill. Instead, the historic built form was being wiped out completely and rebuilt as a generic big box zone so reliant on shoppers arriving by car that about half their land is just an asphalt parking lot. Big asphalt parking lots mean a lot of stormwater runoff and an increased urban heat island effect, not to mention the obvious congestion issues and lack of a walkable, urban built form.

Fortunately, we still have some good buildings around the edges like this one. The Keele Centre is also becoming interesting with all sorts of new businesses taking up space. Sometimes, it can look amateurish, like that household goods store with the crudely hand-painted signs, but the successful ones tend to go past that. The owners who are maintaining these buildings and giving them new life should be commended.

The area in front of the plant near Terrasan land and the railroad track has now been cleaned up and fenced off so that those who are dumping material can no longer do so. I encourage people to call the City when they see others dumping garbage around 6 Lloyd or Old Canada Bread facilty and the entire Junction. This is how the area gets cleaned up and those doing the illegal dumping stop. Some of the people who leased the units of the Canada Bread facility have moved in already and others will shortly be moving in as well, seems like 50% of the building has been already leased out.

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