The American retailer Target is coming to the Junction and is probably already targeting you

As the NW of St Clair Ave west and Keele St. / Old Weston Rd is moving to bricks, mortar, and asphalt with a lot of green, an interesting article in this weeks New York Times magazines details how the retailer Target – one of the anchor retailers at the site targets its customers for greater sales.

The article uses a example of purchasing for unborn babies –



Target is an amazing store. Can't wait. Fail to see what the marketing article has to do with anything. Marketing is a sneaky business across all platforms from banks to baby stuff.

Too bad they decided to hook up with Starbucks. Could be a strategic error. Canada is not the US. Home Depot thought they could mop up the place when they came to Canada. Wrong! Didn't work out they way they thought it would they hadn't counted on the stiff competition from Canadian Tire and others. Target should link up with a Canadian coffee outfit instead.

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