Junction early years centre

Filled to capacity often the early years centre in the Junction is so popular among families, people need to arrive bright and early for the daily activities.

As a community resource this Ontario government program really provides a needed community services.

It addition and probably much less important it brings considerable traffic and people activity to the area which really needs more foot traffic.





Did you choose the picture of the Japanese women because your text reads like it was poorly translated from another language?

they are mothers just like the ones in our community – out walking the baby – just thought I would make the image interesting.

I love my neighbourhood and want to hear about the news and goings on. I like this blog too. What I don't like are all the major typos which at times can make the author's writing and meaning out of context.

I've suggested that the simple was of correction would be to copy the text into a word processor or even outlook and run spell check and the response is usually "it's because of text to speech" or "I have an affliction" or "my thumb was hurting"

Why lower editorial standards because as you say it's just a blog? At what point in journalism is it fine to decimate the English language? These days blogs are as relevant as newspapers and in our case this is a major source for news.

Don't you agree that this blog could be better if more attention to detail was taken? Why not strive for perfection especially when you have the tools at your disposal to do so?

you are welcome to help, Sonny

I know my grammar and spelling are not always perfect, and yes I do have hand usability problems, but most times I post on the run, without proof reading my articles. (between clamping up or grinding or drawing or when the an event happens thgat I just have time to record) I’m really sorry about that, it’s not that I’m careless, but this is a community service beat blog and the stress is on getting news and ideas out first. I have to focus the largest part of my time on important stuff like my practice, my friends and…what’s the other stuff again? Oh yeah, my boys and wife.

I don't think you understand the time it takes to even keep this blog going. Today for instance the hosting coalesced the php.ini file causing problems just making the blog view-able.This took over an hour to fix, with another 30 mins out taking images and a hours or so arranging a visit to a local plant for image taking.

Right now I will spend an hour researching a lead about a local company either selling off the bulk of its assets for shut down purposes or surplus to ongoing needs.

I do attempt to do what you see as important, and I agree it is, and of course I want things to be clear to the thousands of people read the blog each week.

once again you are welcome to help.

This image of these young trendy Tokyo mums (or are they baby sitting teens?) with extensions and false eyelashes made me laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, I am still laughing.

What a choice! oh gawd, as the mom of a young babe, if I could look that put together while taking my kids to Early Years…I'd be so happy

Ok I will attempt to help by being less "Abrasive" as some say.

I do know about the time it takes because I work for a huge media company and deal with a corporate blog that is seen worldwide on a global scale.

My advise to you would be to put a request out for an editor or web manage and then write your articles rough and publish them all at the end of the day once your editor has had time to go through them. That way your quality goes way up and it gives you time to clip pictures and relevant information to go along with said articles.

Secondly I would allow anonymous comments. You might get some negative ones but you will also get a larger volume of talk amongst readers as often times people do not want to log in to leave a quick comment. Of course editing and deleting is still an option if you feel offended by the content.

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