Postal delivery method change ?

You may have noticed the grey steel postal boxes that held the mail for local pickup have disappeared all over the greater GJA.

Today the postal carrier hoped out of this nifty truck car thing and began delivering the mail.

The forlorn patch if sidewalk where the grey box strode for so long.


After more than 100 years The Junction has lost its post office. All P O's between Dufferin Street and the Humber have been closed and a new consolidated post office opened earlier this month in Mount Dennis near the new TTC bus garage (on old Ferranti Packard property) north of the old Kodak plant.

The un-marked street boxes are gone along with the truck and driver. Now,
the letter carrier loads all mail (pre-sorted for him/her) and drives to the "walk" to deliver mail returning to the truck for more. Walk, walk, walk!


They closed the post office in that store on Dundas even after the campaign to save it? Closing post offices, especially in walkable areas doesn't amount to progress. In fact, it's regressive by making us more car-dependent and increasing traffic congestion and pollution.

There's a post office at the north end of The Junction in the Shoppers Drug Mart at Keele and St. Clair, but it's further from the centre of the neighbourhood. It's expected that people will drive there, with the front doors facing the sidewalk on Keele permanently closed in favour of the doors on the other side of the building facing the parking lot. The post office itself is right beside those permanently closed doors which were supposed to facilitate access for pedestrians and transit users coming from Keele, a major street.

No, the postal outlet is still there at 2938. I use it all the time. Busy place, very nice people operate it.

As for Shoppers at the Stockyards, that front door was closed to make room for the postal outlet and possibly to eliminate need for two checkouts.

The doors are beside the postal outlet and apparently not affected by it, so I still don't understand why they were closed. It seems regressive from an urbanist's perspective.

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