Great private lane block paving, great if all the lanes in Junction were paved this way.

The building owner at 2968 Dundas Street West, has paved the rear of the building property and the side private Drive using a solider pattern.

Very nice, if only the other lanes could be paved this way.

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That's also known as a herringbone pattern if I'm not mistaken. It's beautiful. Paving can be an important element of beauty in urban streetscapes and public spaces. Toronto has too many poured concrete and asphalt surfaces which look quite generic, especially as they age. Brick, stone, or concrete block pavers can transform the atmosphere of an area.

I think Dundas could use some special paving treatments to highlight the rich history of the area enhance the sense of place. I was quite surprised that the recent reconstruction of Bloor Street in the Bloor West Village area removed most of the decorative pavers in the pedestrian areas including the ones around street corners which were still in great shape. The result is a more generic look to the street, though the lighting of the trees partially makes up for it. It's like one step forward, one step back in BWV with that reconstruction.

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