207 WESTON RD – old Phantom Industries Inc plant being converted for Self Storage business



Phantom Industries Inc. a long time Junction business manufacturing pantyhose, hosiery, knee-hi’s, tights, leotards, bodywear fashions, terry sportswear, support stockings, closed and the modern glass walled front building is now being converted to a self storage use.
Alterations are to include extending the internal mezzanine with the addition of vehicle drive thru ability.
They are to place two static , illuminated wall signs at the north-westerly elevation of the building in conjunction with an existing self storage business operating on the property. All Canadian Self Storage.
Self storage can be one the highest income choices right now producing some $33.oo per square food.
About Phantom Industries Inc…
at one time,
Phantom Facts

  • 1 out of every 2 branded hose in Canada is made by Phantom
  • Silks is the #1 hosiery brand in Canadian department stores
  • Phantom is one of the largest hosiery manufacturer in North America
  • Phantom is a wholly-owned, privately held Canadian company
  • Phantom is the premier supplier for private label hosiery programs in Canada

The companies products could/can? be found at

  • The Bay
  • Sears
  • Walmart
  • Zellers

and a host of specilaity stores.

From the companies now gone website:
Since 1956, we have built a reputation on superior product
quality and renowned for our unparalleled product assortment
and superior quality products, we pride ourselves in bringing you
leading edge styles and innovations in women’s hosiery.

Over 190,000 sq.ft. of space houses our manufacturing
facilities in Toronto, Ontario. Over 400 employees help turn
our vision into a reality.

An image from their site history page.


An image of the operating factory (date unknown)



Family ownership has always motivated
strong research and development. Further research and
development is the key to continuing to bring you the products
that suit your needs.


With condos around the size of 500 sq. ft., there is little room for storage.

Also at one time, the basement of houses was where they stored their old stuff. With that turned into living space, they moved into the garage. Then the garage got filled up, and with the house owners needing space to actually store their cars, that leaves the self-storage places as a last resort.

Wonder where hosiery is made now? Not in Toronto I guess. Not in Canada either. How about China? Or some other east Asian country. Another benefit of Free Trade.

It's really unfortunate to hear of this closure. It was an interesting manufacturing business whose owners must have invested a lot in the plant, even on the exterior which has an interesting curved glass facade along Weston and attractive landscaping. I hope that the present attractive exterior will be maintained with the conversion and not modified cheaply. This plant must have been a revitalizing development on Weston Road in the area back then. Before Phantom, it was the site of the massive and historic Acme Screw and Gear factory. It was unfortunately demolished, but the replacement is a great building as well.

@Raymond, Try Quebec as Doris Mills is the parent company now and a lot of manufacturing in Canada goes to Quebec if not Mexico, and FYI NAFTA is for North America only. Quebec has attractive tax intensives for manufactures and a greater homogeneous European work force.

last sentence redacted

commenter thks for the info on Doris Hosiery

Doris Hosiery Bought Silks Brand From Phantom In January 2011

oh god i hope they havent left toronto..i worked in the r&d department during my scooling for fashion design. at that point they recieved samples of fabric with 100%tretch both ways and still it had support. we worked on ways to use it in swimwear. im older now and need support legwear for circulation and the current market sells nothing that stretches like that..i want to work with r&d to make medical supports that help heal support and enable people. unlike whats currently the only disabling option!

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