A permit has been issued for the removal of a tree in the Junction.


Trees are so important and should be saved at just about all costs, would you not agree. We are lucky to have a great tree canopy in the Greater Junction Area. And in a few places we have very old and magnificent trees, for example the spider tree in High Park, and the great willow at the bottom of Ryding Ave in the Meat Packing area.

But above all he are lucky enough to have great lane way trees that give so much to the rather underused Junction lane ways.

Now one of the the great lane way trees to be taken down, the city says a permit has been issued at the request of the property owners to remove a tree that touches the lane way in the rear yard of a Mc Murray Ave House, because it is unsafe, see image below to view rot in branch.

You may want to drop by and pat the tree in a sign of thanks for all the wonder it proved over the past decades, the many children it taught to climb, the clean cool shade it provided (and still does today), the air it cleaned each day, and of course the hundreds of conversations that started about its bendy trunk that introduced new neighbors to old.



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